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Mobile wallet – want it right now

Never heard about mobile wallet concept? Then just let me quote Mr. Guy Laurence, Vodafone’s UK Chief Executive Officer, who explained it pretty well:

“Currently people take their mobile, wallet and keys when they leave home. In the near future, people will start leaving their wallet at home; and in the mid term, their keys may also be integrated into their mobile as near-field communication (NFC) allows the mobile to act as a digital access card.” 

Sounds cool. Wanna see it in action, then watch this video!


ISIS was founded by AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile USA and Verizon Wireless and uses a technology called NFC (Near Field Communication) that enables your phone to communicate with the checkout terminal at an Isis Ready™ merchant. And it is already up and running in USA.

Mobile operators from UK, Spain, Germany and other countries are also working on their own mobile payment solutions. And don’t forget about omnipotent Google and Apple (in fact Google has already launched its own wallet). So this is for real.

The time has come!


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