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Some curious facts about Twitter “promoted tweets” ad platform (source: Ad Age)

1-Place: first in search results and later in user feeds both on Twitter.com and other third-party clients that access the service

2-Interaction: users will be able “re-tweet” the ad, make it favorite and even reply to it.

3-Costs: initially, advertisers will bid on keywords on a cost-per-thousand basis, but Twitter is developing a performance model that could be the basis for pricing based on a metric called “resonance” — impact judged on how much a tweet is passed around, marked as a favorite or how often a user clicks through a posted link. Ads that perform well will stay in the system; ads that don’t rise above the resonance score of a typical tweet from a marketer will fall out. Ultimately, Mr. Costolo wants marketers to pay for ads based on the lift in resonance over a standard tweet.

4-First Advertisers: Starbucks, Bravo and Virgin America

5-All yours!: Unlike search ads on Google, Bing or Yahoo, there will only ever be one Twitter ad displayed at a time.

Other facts:

There will be also professional accounts available that will include the ability to have multiple users on one account — plus a dashboard that shows what’s happening with a brand on Twitter and integration with promoted tweets.



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