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IE6 Countdown – great initiative!

Copy-paste this link and send it over to your clients 🙂 Microsoft has launched a website to encourage Internet Explorer 6 users upgrade to a newer version. According to the website, “it is dedicated to watching Internet Explorer 6 usage drop to less than 1% worldwide, so more websites can choose to drop support for Internet Explorer 6, saving hours of work for web developers”.

Great initiative! If you like the idea, you may join the cause by displaying the countdown banner to Internet Explorer 6 users on your website. There are also some useful resources for the corporate users (including Customer Case Studies).


URL Hunter – experimental game

One never stops learning – this time I learned that URL bar could be used for something more than just typing URLs 🙂 For example, for playing a game 🙂 Cool!

MINI – as always great!

Spanish ad agency Sra. Rushmore has created an interesting Facebook application to promote the new MINI Countryman.  The application is available at http://www.manchalo.com/facebook/.

It is aimed at the Spanish market but honestly you don’t have to know Spanish to discover how it works. Just click on the Facebook Connect button and see what will happen – you won’t be disappointed 🙂 The idea is to demonstrate that the new MINI can adapt to any terrain even to your Facebook page.

Hope you will like it 🙂

Functional Specification – avoid common mistakes

Not long ago, I was working on the functional specification document for the website we will be producing and came across this very interesting article. It is titled “Common Mistakes: Functional Specification for Web Development” and I highly recommend you checking it out.  I especially liked “Future site enhancement not identified or not communicated”. This in really very common mistake. Hope you will find it useful.

Share buttons in banners – good idea

Found an interesting banner today. It seems interesting to me because it has Facebook & Twitter share buttons. That’s a good idea! And I am really curious to know if people actually use them 🙂

Good news for Facebook Developers

Facebook announces a release of a new Test User System for the Platform developers to test their applications.

Facebook guys say “A test user is essentially a user account associated with an application created for the purpose of testing the functionality of that application. We want developers to be able to test their applications and build automated tests. The “Test Users” feature is intended to satisfy both of these use cases. You can create one and use it for ad-hoc testing, or you can create many and use them for automated testing”.

Producing videos for YouTube

Before starting don’t forget to check the list of video file formats accepted by YouTube and audio and video specifications to follow in order to get excellent results.

Good luck 🙂

Just “blown away” by this website

I’ve just discovered this amazing website http://www.iamrogue.com/catfish/main.html. It’ really cool! Don’t miss it especially if you’re a mac user 😉 I don’t say anything else, just experience it yourself :).

No pain, just fun!

SoBe Reskin Yourself is a website where you can get tattooed. No pain, no cost, just fun 🙂

Just upload your photo (or take one with your webcam), choose one of the designs from the site gallery, place it just where you want and voilà! The way it fits to your skin is surprising! Very good digital production!

Here goes an example – After & Before. It looks just like real!

Western Spaghetti from Pesfilm (2008)


Digimi – Papervision 3D Demo

I was searching for some info on papervision and came across this website. Check it out because it’s really worth of it. It is a papervision3D Demo (head creation with Digimi Application). Below you may have a look at the character created from the image I uploaded 🙂

Additionally, you may customize & animate your character (like making him smile or wink his eyes, etc).

Digimi was created by the company DAZ 3D-Gizmoz  “that provides a central solution to design, manage and transport high-quality digital characters that can be deployed in virtual worlds, cross-platform games, social networks, mobile applications and professional modeling and animation tools”.

The basics of email newsletters – part 1 (users)

I’ve to recognise – I like newsletters 🙂 That’s why I’ve decided to share some recommendations and interesting information I found on the web about this topic.

Let’s get started with some data on how users actually perceive and interact with newsletters.

According to the Nielsen Norman Group Report (“Email Newsletter Usability: Email Newsletter Usability: 149 Design Guidelines for Newsletter Subscription, Content, and Account Maintenance Based on Usability Studies“):

  • The good thing about newsletters is that they create much more of a bond between user and company than a website can. But on the other hand usability problems have much stronger impact on the customer relationship than they normally do.
  • Users spend 51 seconds reading the average newsletter
  • 69 % of users said that they look forward to receiving at least one newsletter, and most users said a newsletter had become part of their routine.

In other words, newsletters is definitely a good way of communicating with your audience but producing a good newsletter requires a lot of usability knowledge.

To be continued…


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