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Project Management Tools

It goes without saying project management tools are essential for managing digital projects especially when working simultaneously with different teams and suppliers.

So…here goes a list of tools found on the web or which I worked with:

To be continued…


Website checklist for pre-launch testing

Launch list (http://launchlist.net/) is an online website checklist intended to make easier pre-launch testing. Once submitted, you and your recipient/s will receive a report of your checklist with a summary for your records. Just brilliant!

Sikbox – free website search

For more details check http://sikbox.com. It seems cool 🙂

A little bit of SEO

Visit http://rapid.searchmetrics.com/en/tools/ for some interesting SEO online tools such as:

  • Site analysis tools (e.g. Website Speed Test to check how long a website take to load, Spiderview to see what webcrawlers and spiders see, Meta Tag Analyzer, and others)
  • Keyword tools (e.g. Keyword Density)
  • Server & Domains tools (e.g. Domain Popularity, Reverse IP)
  • Link Tools (Link Popularity, Backlinks to check the number of indexed pages and backlinks, Outbound Links, etc)
  • Miscellaneous (Meta Tag Generator, URL Rewrite, Sitemap Generator)

Testing in IE: fast & easy

Net Renderer (http://ipinfo.info/netrenderer/) is an amazing time-saving tool for testing your website in different versions of Internet Explorer, especially useful for MAC users. Check it out!

Don’t let colours mislead you ;)

Want to check your webpage visibility and colour contrast? Visit http://graybit.com/main.php, online accessibility testing tool that converts a full-color web page into a grayscale rendition.

Need some inspiration?

Have just come across this web http://patterntap.com/ and liked it a lot. A great collection of different web design elements such as headers, backgrounds, footers, icons, contact & 404 pages and much more.

Website creators say “Pattern Tap was born out of our love for the best interface designs on the web. We wanted a place where we could come and easily find the stuff we were looking for.”

Who says you need Photoshop :)?

Check http://www.rgbtool.com for a web-based colorpicker.


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